Adjunct Faculty Jobs

Worship Arts Conservatory is seeking adjunct faculty for our Adjunct Faculty Pool. Faculty in the pool will be given first priority to teach courses when a course in their area is offered by the Conservatory. The Faculty Pool may also be used to develop and critique curriculum for program development. Acceptance to the pool does not guarantee a course in your area will have enough students to be offered.


  • We are an Evangelical Christian institution and all teachers must be willing to agree to our Statement of Faith and abide by our Lifestyle Agreement. Please do not apply if you cannot accept these statements.
  • Faculty should be located in the Detroit Metropolitan area.
  • Faculty must have a Masters degree or higher in their area of specialty.

We are seeking faculty for:

  • Bible, Theology and Ministry
  • Biblical Languages
  • Communication/Theater
  • Worship
  • Music (All areas including applied study)
  • Audio Production
  • Video Production
  • Stage Lighting
  • Visual Arts (Graphic Arts, Fine Arts)
  • Dance
  • General Education (English, Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, History,
  • Foreign Languages, Sociology, Health)

To apply go to our Online Employment Application


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