Worship Quote #27 – Amy Carmichael

The saddest thing one meets is a nominal Christian.

Amy Carmichael


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  1. AND….
    The reason is most of us are still stuck in that ” I’m just a sinner, saved by Grace” mentality. Which is it? You can’t be both! You’re either received God’s Grace, or you haven’t yet. We have NO IDEA who we are In Christ!!
    If we had some unction to function, we wouldn’t be letting every sin group keep us in the closet while things that God’s own WORD speaks against RUNS RAMPANT. First it was prayer in the schools in 1962. We bought the lie of “Separation of Church and State.” It’s not in our Bible Inspired Constitution. On the contrary, it forbids governmental intervention in the affairs of the Church. What business do judges have in granting marriage and divorces Marriage is of the Church. As a result of our silence, aptitude scores taken at the high school level dropped DRAMATICALLY that year in ’62. Look what we are dealing with now through the SHAM of Roe verses Wade! Planned Parenthood is selling body parts of babies they only refer to as “tissue” to the highest bidder.
    Yes, if we’re going to do the job GOD is calling us to do -so we can get out of here- we HAVE TO stop being so nominal. Like lukewarm water, He’d SPEW out of His mouth!

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