Worship Moments, Episode 14 – All Creation Celebrates

Episode 14 - All Creation Celebrates

In this episode of Worship Moments, Dr Wyrick reminds us that all creation is praising God.

Text of Video

For those who prefer to read, here is the text of the video.

If there is one thing that the psalms make clear, it is that God loves celebration. The last psalm, Psalm 150, is a grand doxology calling for everything to celebrate our God.

The picture is one of excessive celebration. We hear blasting trumpets (my personal favorite), percussion, flutes, and multiple stringed instruments. We see people dancing while playing tambourines. In Psalm 149 we hear people singing. In Psalm 148 the whole creation, angels, animals, sun, moon, stars, mountains and trees join in.

The psalms make it very clear – God loves a celebration and He is calling you to join in!

Worship styles change. Worship songs come and go. But one thing should remain. We are brothers and sisters of the risen King of Kings and children of the Heavenly Father. That is worthy of the greatest celebration we can give!

When you worship God, remember, all creation is celebrating! Do you see it? The angels, the earth, the heavens – even the trees clap their hands in joy! Don't hold back! REJOICE right now! Praise God! Clap your hands! Do a quick dance! Don't miss out on the greatest celebration happening – right now!

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