Worship Moments 50 – God Is All You Need

Worship Moments, Episode 50 - God Is All You Need

In Episode 50 of Worship Moments, Dr. Wyrick encourages us to contemplate the fact that God is all we need.

For those who prefer to read, below is the text of the video:

God is Love. God is Peace. God is Rest. In the last few videos I have been contemplating the peace and rest we have in God. I feel like the world is constantly driving us to do more, buy more, eat more, exercise more, achieve more...

But God is calling us to rest more. Here is the key thing I want you to remember after this video:

God is all you need.

Think about that. Let it settle in your heart. If you have God you have all you need. You don't need “more”. You can stop the rat race. You can stop trying to measure up or get that next emotional high or find the perfect relationship or … whatever it is that is driving you.

So, let me say it again.

God is all you need.

Learn to rest in God. Learn to trust Him for tomorrow – and the next tomorrow – and the next.

And then worship God with a heart at rest in His presence. Knowing that He will get you through whatever it is that is weighing down your heart. Knowing that He is with you and He is all you need.

I encourage you to hit pause on your rat race button and stop for a time to just accept the loving presence of God. He is all you need. Do you believe it?

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