Worship Arts Conservatory – Why locate in Detroit?


Why is the Worship Arts Conservatory interested in locating in Detroit?  The following answer comes from our FAQs page.

Detroit metro has a very diverse population and will be a great place to attract a diverse student body. Midtown and Downtown Detroit are beginning to become a “destination”. It is attractive to college students. Many people desire to see a renaissance of downtown Detroit.  We can help make this a reality by placing this worship center where it will meet this important need.

Detroit has a large and varied art and music environment that will be both an example and an inspiration to the students. Detroit metro has many churches of varying size and worship style in which the students can gain experience. According to collegestats.org Detroit does not have any evangelical Christian College. The nearest Christian liberal arts college is Rochester College (which is part of a denomination that is not favorable to using instruments in worship). According to the same site, Detroit does not have any secular conservatory for the arts. This means there is both a need and a lack of competition.

Can you think of other good reasons for us to be located in Detroit?  Please Comment.

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