Worship Arts Conservatory – Why focus on the worship arts?

Why start an institute focused on training in the worship arts?  The following answer comes from our FAQs page.

The many changes in worship style over the last 50 years require a new approach to worship education; one that is broader in scope both in musical style and range of artistic media.  The modern worship leader needs to excel in contemporary worship and yet appreciate and understand quality art.  The modern worship leader needs to be able to understand both the guitarist and the orchestral player.  The modern worship leader needs to understand music, visual arts, technical arts, dancers, actors and video.  The Worship Arts Conservatory will fill this educational gap by training up Christian artists in an environment designed solely for the purpose of developing highly trained artists, worship directors, and Christian communicators.  These artists will be trained to understand a wide variety of styles and arts. They will learn to understand and appreciate both the classical and contemporary arts. They will receive training in an environment dedicated to the Christian artist, where they not only master the skills of an artist but also understand how these skills can be used to further God’s Kingdom and lead people into God’s presence.

In addition to what the FAQ states, I would also point out that worship is a priority to God and Detroit currently has no place to receive college level training in the worship arts.  The Worship Arts Conservatory will fill a great need for worship education in Detroit.

by Jerry Wyrick, President of Worship Arts Conservatory
Worship Director at Crosspointe Church


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