Worship Arts Conservatory – Who Wants to Attend?

WAC Gradient

When you think about the Worship Arts Conservatory you may be wondering who would attend this college?  When I first started working on this project I thought the number of people who would be interested in attending would be very limited to just “artsy” types.  I had assumed we would draw a couple people from each local church.

The reality is that as I have let people know about the college more people have shown interest than I expected.  In fact, just in my own church, Crosspointe, five people have already shown interest in attending.  What type of person might be interested in attending?

  • High School Senior who is interested in ministry, visual or performing arts.  This is especially true if they want this education to be from a Christian perspective or hope to use their training in a church environment.  We will be offering degrees in Ministry, Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, Worship, Music Performance, Music Composition, Sound, Lighting, Video, Theater and Dance.
  • Second Career Adult who is looking to change careers to one of the above program areas.  By having a college right in Detroit, it makes it much easier for someone to gain a Christian education in one of these areas without having to leave their current home.
  • Church Volunteer who serves in worship ministries or discipleship and desires to take their skill to the next level.  With this training opportunity right in Detroit it will be much easier for a church volunteer to take a class in their area of interest.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting short video clips where people interested in the conservatory tell you why they are supportive of WAC.  Check out our first clip here.


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