Worship Arts Conservatory 50% Special: only 2 more days!

Some of you are still hesitating to take us up on this one time offer of 50% off our courses. This is an amazing deal. So let me try to answer a few of your unspoken questions.

Why should I take this course from a non-accredited institution?

  • First of all, with this offer we are much less expensive than a college and you are getting the exact same quality of teaching.
  • Second, we are a new institution that really wants to impress you with our quality, so we are going to go overboard to try to give you the best education we can. You are not just one of a thousand students to us. You will be a part of our very first student body!
  • Third, we are conveniently available online, so you can take our courses right at your home.
  • Fourth, you might be able to use what you learn to pass out of a course at an accredited institution should you desire to pursue your training elsewhere.
  • Finally, unless you are seeking a full 4 year degree, accreditation is not important to your goals.  If your goal is to become better trained and educated, we can do that for you.

Can’t I find this information online for free?
Actually, most of our courses are much too involved to be found as free content. Remember, our courses are full college-level, which means a three credit course offers more than 45 hours of instruction! Besides, most of us need that extra accountability of a class setting to really buckle down and study hard.

It is still a stretch financially.
Not only are we offering a 50% discount, but you can also use PayPal’s 6 months same as cash payment plan.
There are only 2 more days after today to get this special offer, so don’t wait!

Go to https://worshiparts.net/launch-special-offer/ to receive your special discount code.

If the Worship Arts Conservatory is not what you are looking for then please consider forwarding this offer to someone who you think could benefit from it.

P.S. It takes time to process your application so please get your discount code now.
Here is the link: https://worshiparts.net/launch-special-offer/


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