Worship Arts Conference – Much More Than Music

I totally understand why you might think “music” when you see the word “worship.” We often call the music time of the church service the “worship” time. But worship is so much more than music and Exaltation! Worship Arts Conference 2017 is so much more than music.

We have workshop tracks for pastoral leadership, music, technology, visual arts and dance. Don’t let the name fool you. There is something here for almost everyone.

  • Pastor? How about Developing a Year Preaching Calendar or Pastoring Your Worship Team
  • Sound Man? Check out Church Sound…It’s not just a Job…It Is A Ministry!
  • Artist? Consider going to Art in the Bible as Worship and Evangelism Throughout the Centuries
  • Dancer? You might like Building the Fundamentals of a Dance Ministry
  • Techie? I recommend Loops, Tracks, and How to Use Them
  • Singer? Worship Team Vocals might be a good fit
  • Simply love worship? Go to Brian Dumont’s The Power of Words
  • Worship Leader? Here is one you might enjoy: The Art of Music Selection

And that is only a few of our 14 workshops. You don’t want to miss this. We only do the conference once each year.

See you in 8 days at Exaltation! Worship Arts Conference 2017. Click below to register.

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