Why Start Here?


Worship Arts Conservatory (WAC) is an online College-level training institute. Why might you want to attend WAC?

Start Here to reach your Ministry Dream

You are serving as a volunteer in your church but you would love to become more skilled in your ministry. We can help you get the training you need.

Start Here to reach your Career Dream

You desire to work full time in ministry or the performing or visual arts. We have the courses to help you get started on this dream at a price you can not beat.

Start Here to reach your Personal Dream

You simply have a love for studying the Bible or for the Arts and you want to grow in your skills. WAC gives you the chance to gain college-level education in your passion at a price you can afford.

Start Here to grow in your relationship with God

You want to take your relationship with God to the next level. We offer courses that will deepen your understanding of God and His word.

Start Here to save money

The price of college education continues to grow each year. We can help. Take a college-level course for only $50.00 per credit. With WAC you can take a 3 credit college-level course for only $150! Click below to get started.

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