What Will I Learn in Drawing I?

Colouring_pencilsART-110 Drawing I is an introduction to basic observational drawing concepts: line, space, form and perspective. Gain awareness and skills to create on paper what your eye sees.

What will I learn in this class:

  • Learn to see things as an artist
  • Line, value, tones, contrast and shading
  • Negative space and the relationship between objects
  • Light, scale and measurement
  • Perspective
  • Geometric abstraction and fractals
  • Using markings to create effects
  • Creating illusions in drawing

All of this and more for only $150.00. That comes to less than $10 per week to develop your artistic skill!

Don’t put off this chance to grow in your artistic abilities at an incredible price. If this is not right for you, who do you know who would love this course? Pass on this email so they don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


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