What Will a Contribution to WAC Do?

WAC Gradient

The Worship Arts Conservatory, like all effective Christian ministries, is about changing lives.  What are some ways lives will be changed by the Conservatory?

  • Students will encounter God in a new and fresh way as they study worship.  An encounter with God always leaves a person changed.
  • Students will gain new knowledge and skills that will forever change their lives.  As they develop their skills their options for serving God will increase and their capacity to serve God will expand.
  • Students will take their new found skills and use them in churches and other venues to magnify the name of God.  When God is magnified He moves to change lives.
  • As Students serve others, the lives being changed will multiply.  Each student changed by the Conservatory represents hundreds and possibly thousands of lives that they will eventually touch and change.

What does a small contribution today do to make this dream of changed lives a reality?  Your partnership allows WAC to stay on track with starting this college in the fall of 2014.  If we do not receive enough funds, then the dream will have to wait until fall 2015.

On the other hand, if we receive more money than expected then we will be able to move forward even quicker.  There is a lot of work to do if we are going to open in 2014 and your partnership in giving will make this amazing dream become a reality.


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