WAC Update

WAC Update – A Year of Growth

I titled this post “Year of Growth” for two reasons: because last year was a great year of growth for us and also because I anticipate another great year of growth ahead of us. First lets review our milestones from 2016.

A Year of Growth 2016

  • Exaltation Detroit Worship Arts Conference – We held our first worship conference in April. It was very well received.
  • Student Growth – Last year we held three terms of courses. Student enrollment increased each term leading to our Fall term enrollment of 10 students. During the year we held 8 courses and saw 14 students enroll in courses.
  • Partnership – We began our partnership with the Motor City Metro Baptist Association. They are providing a scholarship of 2/3 tuition for members from any of their churches who attend WAC.
  • Location – We found a Midtown Detroit location where we can hold classes.
  • Full Time President – In may I moved to full time as the president of WAC.
  • Concerts – We began our first instrumental ensemble. They played a concert during the summer and performed three times during December.

A Year of Growth 2017

50% growth over last term!

Last year was certainly a great year but we are already seeing signs of an even better year coming.

  • More Student Growth – We have 15 students enrolled for Winter Term which began on January 9. That is a 50% growth over last term and over six times the enrollment of last year at this time!
  • Accredited Worship Arts Degree – We are in the final stages of an articulation agreement with Visible College in Memphis, TN. What this agreement will do is allow our students to begin their worship studies with us and then transfer credits to Visible College so they can complete their studies for an accredited Music Degree.

Prayer Requests

  • Good term of classes – Please pray that our current courses will be a blessing to both the students and the instructors.
  • Visible College Relationship – Pray that we will be able to quickly work out the final details on our agreement with Visible College and be able to find other colleges that will make similar agreements.
  • Worship Conference – Pray that our 2017 Worship Conference will go well. It is scheduled for March 25 at Mosaic Midtown Church.
  • Fundraising – This is by far our greatest area of need. As I mentioned in our last newsletter, we need to significantly increase our monthly donor support so that we can continue this exciting and growing ministry. Currently we are at about 10% of the necessary support to effectively grow WAC to the next level. We are planning regular small group meetings around Detroit to introduce people to our ministry and invite them to partner with us. Please pray that these meetings would be effective and consider whether you could be one of our monthly partners.

How to Give

Online –Go to www.worshiparts.net and click on “Giving”. Don’t forget that you can make this a repeat donation by clicking on the box marked “This is a one time donation” and changing it to “Give this amount monthly.”
Mail – Make checks payable to Worship Arts Conservatory and mail to: 2727 2nd Avenue, Suite #126, Detroit, MI 48201
Kroger Community Rewards – Enroll/Re-enroll with your Kroger Plus Card. Sign up at
www.KrogerCommunityRewards.com and choose us as your charity. Our Organization Number is 30960. That’s it! Every time you make a purchase using your Kroger Plus Card a percentage will be donated to us. Kroger requires re-enrollment each April to continue in the program, so if you have not re-enrolled for this year we encourage you to take a moment to do so.
Amazon Smile – When making Amazon purchases go to smile.amazon.com and select WorshipArts Conservatory (located in Grosse Pointe Woods – our legal address). You can buy all the same things but WAC will receive a percentage of your purchase.
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