WAC Update 52

Since my last update we have added a new faculty member: Ronda Nychka. Ronda Nychka is graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School. She was a Prima Ballerina for Bejart Ballet Lausanne, Switzerland, Deutsche Opera Berlin, Germany and Soloist Dancer for The National Ballet of Canada, Toronto.

We did not have enough students enrolled to offer summer courses so we have moved on to planning our Fall Term. This will be our first Fall Term and our enrollment this Fall will determine our viability as a school.

Our top two priorities at this time are raising funds for a effective advertising campaign and recruiting a student body.  We have struggled from the beginning with lack of funds to fully pursue our dream, so to help us raise the necessary funds the board will be meeting with a fundraising consultant next week.  Please pray that God would guide us in this meeting.


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