WAC Update

W trimmedWe are two weeks into our first official term.  With the start of a new term and year we now have a new set of tasks.  Some of the project we are currently working on include:
  • Sending out our first donor letters!  Since we are now tax exempt we have the added joy of letting our donors know how much they gave so that they can claim their contributions on their taxes.
  • Making sure everything is set up correctly for payroll and staffing.  Now that we have started our first course we have to double check our human resources processes and documents.
  • Start planning our next fundraiser.  I recently spent time with an administrator at a college that is relatively new.  One key piece of information I learned was that they survived for almost four years primarily from donations.  Funding is always the challenge for any nonprofit.  We are currently starting our 3rd year since incorporation and need to plan on this year and next being primarily funded by donations.
  • Increase our faculty pool.  Another thing I learned from this meeting is that accreditation will require a larger adjunct faculty pool.  This “pool” is a list of faculty that are hired contingent on having students.  The pool should be large enough to cover all courses we hope to offer in the next couple years.  This faculty pool will also help with curriculum development and assessment.
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