WAC Update 41

Winter Term is underway and we are so excited to have our first regular student body.  (We also had a group take a “test” course last summer to work out all the kinks in our online class format.)  We have worked hard for over two years to get the point of officially starting, but, of course, this is only the very beginning.

What are our next priorities?

  • Develop relationship with other colleges.  We are communicating with other colleges to work to build either contractual agreement or transfer agreements.
  • Continue promoting WAC to Detroit.  We began to get the word out with our WMUZ advertising and some online advertising.  We need to continue to build awareness in Detroit.
  • Continue to look for a location.  We were unable to find a location in the past and chose to focus on online courses.  Many of our courses cannot be done properly online so we still need to find the right location.
  • Fundraising.  Advertising, administration, faculty, software, accreditation and eventually a location all cost money.  As with any non-profit, our income does not cover all of these costs.  In fact, as a new organization our income is significantly less than our costs so we will need to continue to raise funds to support our ministry.
  • Accreditation.  With a student body we can now think about beginning the process of seeking accreditation.  But accreditation is very expensive.  Just to begin the process will cost over $5,000.

Please keep us in your prayers and consider becoming a regular donor to help us keep making progress in our goals.


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