WAC Update 33

The Good News:

WAC is ready to open its doors (figuratively).  We are licensed by the state, have tax exempt status with IRS, have a faculty excited to teach, and have approved programs of study.  God has brought us to the point where we have all the pieces in place except funds for advertising.

The Challenge:

I learned what I already knew – that I am not very good at sales.  I have tried sales more than once in the past and have been very unsuccessful, and my attempt over the last month to attract students has only added to my list of failed sales.  So, it is clear that WAC is going to need to pay for some professional help in advertising and recruiting.

Please pray…

  • That we find the best method or company to help us recruit the necessary students
  • That we are able to raise enough money to pay for the necessary advertising
  • That God brings us enough students in January to allow us to hold classes

Thank you for all your prayers.


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