WAC Update

Elements of Music.  The last two weeks have been busy with the start of our Summer course: Elements of Music.  This was a test course to see how well the online teaching process worked.  So far things have been progressing well and I believe we are in good shape for the start of classes in the Fall.

Tax Exemption Status.  We finally have been assigned to an agent at IRS and I have had the opportunity to talk with her.  The process is in the last stage and the end is finally in sight!  If you have not been following us for long you may not know the details.  We filled for tax exempt status in August of last year and it looks like the process may be finished some time in August this year.  Most of that time our application was in the “pile” of applications waiting to be assigned to an agent, so it is very exciting to actually talk to our agent and know that something is going to happen soon.

Prayer Requests:

  • The quick and easy completion of our tax exemption process.
  • An effective Elements of Music course this Summer.
  • That God would bring us enough students for the Fall.
  • That God would supply the necessary finances.


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