WAC Update 29


Answer to prayer:  We are now officially licensed by the State of Michigan!  So what does that mean?  It is the first of many steps towards being accredited and a state requirement for most institutions teaching at the adult level.

Summer course starting this Thursday:  Elements of Music is a six week course that will introduce you to the basics of music theory – how to read rhythms and notes, how do these notes relate to the piano and guitar, understanding clefs, time signatures and simple chords.  This course is being offered for only $30 (a $25 application fee and a $5 course fee).  This is an introductory offer as our first class and it will probably never be this inexpensive again.  If you have every wanted to understand music and how it is written then this is the course for you!  Since it is starting this Thursday, you will want to apply now for courses.

Summer Early Bird Specials:  Register for classes now and receive a discount on tuition.  Check out our Early Bird Specials.

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