WAC Update


Prayer Requests:

  1. Location Negotiations.  We are still in negotiations with the Max Fisher Music Center.  finalizing the negotiation is our top priority.  Getting a location has been our biggest barrier and getting past this is very important to our success.  Please pray for God to remove this barrier.
  2. Transfer of Credits.  We have started talks with multiple colleges to accept our credits.  This would allow our students to have the confidence that the classes they take with us have value outside our Conservatory.
  3. Fundraising.  Soon we will be beginning our next phase of fundraising.  The Max Fisher Music Center is expensive and will require some generous donations.  Please pray that God would lead us to the right people to help cover these costs.
  4. Student Recruitment.  Because of the location complications we have not been able to effectively recruit students.  At this point in the year this is becoming a major concern for our Fall start up.  Pray that God will bring the right students and the right number of students to us.
  5. Faculty Recruitment.  We are still in need of some faculty.  Please pray that God would lead us to the right faculty for our start up.
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