The Key to Spiritual Growth

The number one key to spiritual growth is ... (drum roll) ... reading your Bible four or more times per week.

The Power of 4

Did you know that those who read their Bible 4 or more times each week are significantly less likely to engage in destructive behavior?  According to this article by the Center for Bible Engagement, people who read their Bible 4 or more times per week have lower odds of participating in these behaviors:

  • Getting drunk = 57% lower odds
  • Sex outside marriage = 68% lower odds
  • Pornography = 61% lower odds
  • Gambling = 74% lower odds
  • Any of these habits = 57% lower odds

They also are much more likely to participate in these behaviors:

  • Sharing faith with others = 228% higher odds
  • Discipling others = 231% higher odds
  • Memorizing scripture = 407% higher odds

The impact of Bible reading on a person's lifestyle does not become significant until they read their Bible at least 4 times per week.

The Problem

Only 11% of Church goers read the Bible every day and only about 27% read it at least once per week according to a Lifeway study.  How can Christians expect to see spiritual growth if they are not willing to meet with God on a regular basis? If we believe that the Bible is God's Word to us then we need to engage with God's Word every day.

The Solution for Spiritual Growth

So, the solution is simple and obvious.  Spend time reading God's Word and talking to Him every day.  This seems obvious and yet it is a major struggle for most Christians, so how can you overcome this problem?

  1. Keep it simple. 5 minutes every day is better than 30 minutes once per week. Start with an amount of time that is easy for you to keep.
  2. Keep it regular. Find a specific time that works for you. Having a regularly scheduled time will help you remain faithful in your reading.
  3. Keep it fresh. Don't get stuck in your reading. If a passage is boring to you or too hard to understand just skip over it. It is better to be consistent in your reading than to quit reading because of a difficult passage. Consider using a modern translation or trying a different translation for a change. If a book of the Bible doesn't seem to connect, then try a different book.

Summary: Keep it joyful. Look for ways to make your time with God a joyful time of renewal and relationship building. The more you enjoy your time with God, the more likely you are to keep doing it. Yes, the Bible will force you to deal with your sin, but it will also open your eyes to the wonderful God of love who died to free you from sin.

Are you reading the Bible at least four times each week?  If not, now is the time to jump start your spiritual growth!

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by Jerry Wyrick
President, Worship Arts Conservatory

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