Tax Exempt Status – Good News!

Yesterday I talked with our exempt status IRS agent and she told me that she is going to approve us!  Now all we are waiting for is the actual formal letter.  So the whole process has taken a little more than a year.  Thank you Lord for Your answer to a year of prayers!

With this in place we now have all the foundational elements done:

  • Program development
  • Faculty
  • Board
  • Website
  • State Licensing
  • Tax Exempt Status

What is next?

  1. Our next big step is to raise the funds to do a professional advertising campaign.
  2. Continue our search for an onsite location in Midtown.
  3. Start the accreditation process.  Accreditation is a long, 3-5 year, process that includes many steps.  We cannot really start that process until we have a full student body and enough financial resources.

Thank you for your prayers!


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