Start Here For Music and Worship Education You Can Take From Home

Would you like to know how to read music? Have you wondered how to conduct a choir or ensemble? Would you like to know how to have an effective worship rehearsal?

Worship Arts Conservatory is offering the following Music and Worship courses for the Winter Term:

MUS-105 Elements of Music – 2 credit hours

An introduction to the fundamentals of music: major and minor scales, key signatures, triads, and simple tonal harmony.

MUS-230 Choral Conducting – 3 credit hours

An introduction to the basic conducting techniques with an emphasis on application in a choral setting. Master the standard beat patterns, learn to communicate cues, tempo, dynamics and mood.

WOR-220 Worship Band Techniques – 3 credit hours

Learn how to have an effective worship rehearsal. Learn how to prepare for rehearsal, techniques for an effective rehearsal, characteristics and uses of each of the main instruments in a standard rhythm section, and characteristics of various contemporary music styles. Prerequisite: MUS-110 or approval of Music Department.


Courses at a university can be very expensive but you can take these courses at Worship Arts Conservatory for only $50 per credit.  That means you can take a full college-level course for only $100-150!


Not only is it affordable but it is also very convenient. All of our courses are available online so you can take the course you want right from your home.

Don’t let your friends miss out on this opportunity to get music and worship education that is affordable and convenient. Please share this post so others can Start Here.


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