Start Here For Bible and Ministry Training You Can Afford

Would you like to understand the New Testament better? Have you wondered what all Christians believe? Would you like to be able to better defend your faith?

Worship Arts Conservatory is offering the following three Bible and Ministry courses for the Winter Term:

BIL-110 New Testament Survey – 3 credit hours

A survey of the literature and interpretation of the New Testament. Attention will be given to the central themes, and the authorship, date, setting, theme, purpose, structure and general content of each book. The life of Christ, history of the church and impact of the Apostle Paul will also be highlighted.

THE-210 Theology I – 3 credit hours

An introduction to the doctrines of the Christian faith with an emphasis on those that are accepted by all evangelical denominations especially as evidenced by the creeds of the faith.

MIN-210 Introduction to Apologetics – 3 credit hours

An introduction to the evidences for our Christian faith and how to defend it in our pluralistic society.


A Christian College will typically cost you $500-$1000 per credit. At Worship Arts Conservatory you can take the same course for only $50 per credit!


Not only is it affordable but it is also very convenient. All of our courses are available online so you can take the course you want right from your home.
Your next step is to apply to be a student, so click below to get started!

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