Start Here For Art Education at an Amazing Price


Would you like to learn the elements of design and how to use them to improve your artistic creations? Are you interested in digital photography but would like to learn how to take your skill to the next level? Then check out our two visual art courses.

Worship Arts Conservatory is offering the following art courses:

pencil-typography-black-designART-210 Design I – 3 credit hours

An introduction to the abstract elements of line, texture, shape, space, color, values and patterns. Employ basic media techniques and tools with emphasis on craftsmanship.

man-person-camera-taking-photoART-230 Digital Imagery – 3 credit hours

An introduction to photography. Provides foundational instruction in digital based photographic imagery. Learn to plan and produce digital images that demonstrate an understanding of composition, light, color and visual impact.


Both of these courses are offered at the amazing price of only $150 each! These are full college-level courses for less than half the cost of most colleges and universities and only about 1/10th the cost of most Christian colleges. If you took this same course at an art college it would probably cost you $3,000 or more.


Not only is it affordable but it is also very convenient. All of our courses are available online so you can take the course you want right from your home. Your first step to improving your artistic talent is to apply to be a student, so click below to get started!

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