Spiritual Foundations

THE_LORD__S_PRAYER_by_navalatanjjnnOur Christian faith is much more than a set of truths we believe or even a sacred text that we follow – it is a dynamic relationship with a living God who promises to dwell with us.  We are encouraged to draw near the throne of grace with confidence (Hebrews 4:16.)  But over time our relationship with God can become more of a ritual than a relationship – more of a list of activities than a bond of love.  Would you like to learn how to deepen your personal walk with God?  Are you interested in learning differing ways of approaching your private time with God?  Spiritual Foundations is designed specifically to help you develop a vibrant and growing relationship with God.

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Save money by studying at Worship Arts Conservatory

Christian colleges charge between $200-$700 per credit.  One 3 credit course could cost you $600-$2,100.  We charge only $150 for the same course.  You will receive 12 weeks of education, including 45 hours of training by a qualified instructor.

Your Instructor:  Dr. Jerry Wryick

Worship Director for almost 30 years
President of Worship Arts Conservatory

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