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It is so easy to let prayer fall into an unexamined ritual,  a repeating habit we do, but without true heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:30).  Are habits a bad thing?  Of course not!  I consider it good habits to brush my teeth, take regular showers, look both ways before crossing the street, etc.  (And hopefully you do too!)  But not all habits are beneficial.

Sometimes our habits keep us from a better thing.  In the case of relationships, habits and rituals can keep us from ever developing a true, deep and fulfilling connection.

As a believer you are in a relationship with God.  Has Your relationship with God fallen into habits that limit or even hinder deep communion?

Let me suggest throwing out all your prayer models and habits and instead, just spending time being with and talking to God.  Don’t worry about whether you confessed enough sin, or adored Him enough or prayed for everybody on your prayer list or …

Maybe God really wants to hear your heart.  Maybe God is OK with simple unfiltered conversation.  Maybe God wants you more than any specified prayer pattern.  When I read the Psalms, that is the impression I get — unfiltered heartfelt conversation with God.

Take some time today to just talk to God with no plan and no rules.  Talk to Him about your thoughts and feelings.  Rest in His love.

Question:  How do you keep your prayer life from becoming ritualistic?

by Jerry Wyrick, President of Worship Arts Conservatory


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  1. I really see this as a struggle when I think hard about it. It is such a “habit” to just go through and hit my specific bullet points because I want to make sure He hears it all. I know He already knows my heart, therefore knows my supplications before I even make them. I need to reconcile the need to just talk to Him with my inherent worry that I will miss one of my “bullet points.”

    • I’m a list type of person. I like to follow my lists. But I think God is more concerned with our hearts and our relationship with him then going through a list – which, by the way, can’t possible fully cover all the topics we might need talk about. Sometimes I need to just let the Holy Spirit guide the prayer and just talk.

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