Seven Reasons You May Want to Attend Worship Arts Conservatory (public domain image)Worship Arts Conservatory is a new Christian Higher Education ministry. Why might you want to attend?

  1. Ministry Training.  You desire to work full time in ministry or the performing or visual arts. We have the courses to help you get trained for ministry.
  2. Volunteer Training.  You are serving as a volunteer in your church but would like to become more skilled. We can train you.
  3. Christ-Centered.  You are looking for a place to study the performing or visual arts that is Christ-centered. There is no other place in Detroit to get this level of Christian-focused training in the arts. This term we are offering Voice Class and Drawing I.
  4. Inexpensive.  We are very inexpensive. We are currently offering our courses for $50 per credit. That means you can take a 3 credit college-level course for only $150!
  5. Fun.  You simply want to study art or music for fun and this is a great chance to do it at a fantastic price.
  6. Personal Growth.  You need something valuable to do with your discretionary time. Encourage a friend to take a course with you so you can grow and develop your talents for God together.
  7. Spiritual Growth.  You want to take your relationship with Christ to the next level. Our Spiritual Foundations Course is designed specifically to help you grow in your personal walk with God.

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