Registration is Now Open for Fall Term

Registration Is Now Open

Early Bird Registration starts today.  If you register by August 12, we will waive our $25 registration fee. Take a look at our fall courses and find the ones that are right for you.

If you register by August 12 we will waive our $25 registration fee.


Here is a list of courses we plan to offer in the fall:

  • Music Theory I - Learn how music works with an emphasis on chords: how to use them and notate them: chord symbols, chord progressions, voice leading.
  • Ear Training I - Learn to sing and dictate all intervals and scales. Identify major and minor triads. Develop rhythm awareness. To be taken concurrently with Music Theory I.
  • Guitar Class - Study basic acoustic guitar techniques, including tuning, strumming, picking, reading chord symbols, using a capo, and the most common chord progressions.
  • Piano Class - Study basic piano techniques, including two hand coordination, five-finger patterns, scales, triad playing, reading chord symbols, pedaling and the most common chord progressions.
  • Introduction to Worship Technology - An introduction to the technology necessary for an effective worship service, including sound, lighting and video. Both analog and digital technology will be explored.
  • New Testament Survey - A survey of the literature and interpretation of the New Testament.
  • Storytelling - Learn how to become a more imaginative and confident storyteller and communicator in a wide variety of settings: video, film, writing, drama, preaching, andteaching.
  • Instrumental Ensemble - Play in a musical ensemble. Represent Worship Arts Conservatory by performing at various venues. Audition may be required.

If you are not yet a student, then your next step is to apply.

Current students can simply register through the student portal. If you haven't taken courses in a while, you may have been marked as "inactive". If so, let me know and I can reactivate your account so that you can register.

Jerry Wyrick

Dr. Jerry Wyrick
Worship Arts Conservatory

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