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Have You Registered For Classes Yet?

I know the temperature is still over 80 degrees outside but Fall is coming very soon. Worship Arts Conservatory Fall courses start in less than 3 weeks on September 6. If you are not a current student then you need to apply soon to make sure your application can be processed before the start of the term.

What courses are we offering this term? We are offering courses in Art, Bible, Music, Theology, Worship, Ministry and Dance. Here is a list of the courses for Fall. Which ones interest you?


Introduction to Visual Arts

Drawing I

Digital Imagery


New Testament Survey

Bible Study Methods

Theology I

Worship Theology

Spiritual Foundation


Introduction to Worship Dance

Ballet I


Music Theory I

Ear Training I

Voice Class

Instrumental Ensemble

To see the descriptions and details for each course please go to our Course Offerings page.
Apply today!


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