Psalm 70 – Make Haste, Lord!

Ever feel like your at the end of your rope and God needs to show up soon because you can't hold on much longer? In Psalm 70 David pleads with God to hurry up and save him!


Psalm 70 is only 5 verses long. In fact, a slightly altered version of the same song appears as part of Psalm 40.

The psalm has a simple chiastic structure. Chiastic structure means that the thoughts are symmetrical working from the outside inward. In Psalm 67 this chiastic pattern looks like this:

Make Hast! (Verse 1)
Bring Shame to Those Who Seek My Life (Verse 2-3)
Bring Joy to Those Who Seek You (Verse 4)
Make Hast! (Verse 5)

The meaningful center overlaps the two middle sections and captures the main theme.

Let them turn back because of their shame
who say, “Aha, Aha!”
May all who seek you
rejoice and be glad in you!  Psalm 70:3-4b

Make Haste, Lord!

Psalm 70:1

"Hurry up, God!"

Isn't that how we often feel? God's timing is not our timing and it often feels like He waits until the last moment (or even later) before He acts.

But even in the waiting we know God is still at work.

Bring Shame to Those Who Seek My Life

Psalm 70:2-3

David now asks God to carry out justice on those who are seeking to kill him. They delight in causing pain, so bring upon them shame, confusion and dishonor.

David knows that God is still powerful and He is still the one who brings justice, so David hands his enemies over to God.

May we remember that it is never our task to execute vengeance on our enemies. We need to place them into God's hands.

As a king it was sometimes David's job to protect his people and execute justice. But as Christians we are told to pray for our enemies and do good to them (Matthew 5:44-45). Jesus set us the example when He prayed for those who placed Him on the cross (Luke 23:34).


Bring Joy to Those Who Seek You

Psalm 70:4

This section mirrors the previous section. Notice the clear parallel structure that highlights the difference between the two types of people.

Who?Those who seek my lifeThose who seek God
What do they love?delight in my hurtlove your salvation
Curse/BlessingMay they turn back in shame and confusionMay they rejoice and be glad in You
What do they say?"Aha, Aha!""God is great!"

May we be people that delight and rejoice in God not people that delight in causing pain.

Make Haste, Lord!

Psalm 70:5

"Hurry, God!"

David returns to his first theme. Like David, we are poor and needy. Only God can rescue us. And so we place our concerns into His hands and patiently wait for His perfect timing.


"Lord, rescue me today!"

Rescue me from my sins that keep me earth bound when I want to sore heavenward with you. Rescue me from my fears that keep me from serving you with abandon. Rescue me from my love of earthly things that keep my heart from being totally yours. And, yes, rescue me from the pain and trials of this life.

And yet I know that sometimes the best way to rescue me from my sin and earthly attachments is the very pain that I want you to remove. And so, I trust You. Rescue me in the time and way that You know is best. Amen!

Jerry Wyrick

This post is part of a series on the Psalms.

by Jerry Wyrick, President of Worship Arts Conservatory

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