Prayer of the Chalice

I grew up being taught that only extemporaneous prayers were truly from the heart, but over time I have learned that sometimes I can best express my heart through the words of others.  They free me from the constraints of my own limited thoughts and words and express my heart in a manner much better then I can do myself.

Here is a wonderful prayer of dedication to God that is not only beautiful in language but also in appearance.  It is called the “Prayer of the Chalice” by Francis Nuttall.

Father, to You I raise my whole being
– a vessel emptied of self. Accept, Lord,
this my emptiness, and so fill me with
Yourself – Your Light, Your Love, Your
Life – that these Your precious Gifts
may radiate through me and over-
flow the chalice of my heart into
the hearts of all with whom I
come in contact this day,
revealing unto them
the beauty of
Your Joy
of Your Peace
which nothing can destroy.

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