Online Music Theory Training

Below are links to our online music theory training webpages.  Each page is an application designed to help you practice the specific music theory topic.


Common 8th Note Rhythms. Listen to the most common 8th note patterns in simple meter.
Common 16th Note Rhythms. Listen to the most common 16th note patterns in simple meter.
Rhythm Dictation. Practice notating rhythms.
Play Rhythms. Practice playing rhythms.
Tempo Terminology. Practice identifying common tempo terms.
Rhythm Terminology. Practice identifying common rhythm terms.
Direction Flow Terminology. Practice identifying common direction flow terms.
Notation Symbols. Practice identifying common notation symbols.

Note Names

Note Names. Practice naming notes.


Intervals Numeric Name. Practice recognizing the numeric name of an interval.
Intervals Quality Type. Practice recognizing the quality type (Major or Perfect) of an interval.
Interval Key. Practice recognizing the key of the bottom note in an interval.
Intervals Visual Recognition. Practice naming an interval.
Notate Intervals. Practice notating an interval.
Intervals Ear Training. Practice recognizing an interval by ear.

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