Only One More Day Before 2018

The Year is Almost Gone

After today there will be only one day left in 2017! I bet there were many things you wanted to get done in 2017. Now the door is closing for the year.

It’s Not Too Late

Its not too late to leave a last minute gift for your favorite ministries, though. You can still partner with Worship Arts Conservatory by going to our giving page.

Don’t Forget Worship Arts Conservatory

Would you be willing to put Worship Arts Conservatory on your list of last minute giving? We would love to have you partner with us as we bring Christian Higher Education to Detroit.

Midnight on the 31st

You only have what is left of today and tomorrow to squeeze in those last minute gifts. Please consider giving a gift before Midnight on December 31st. To give online, simply click the link below.



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