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Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.  Martin Luther

Music is important to God.  A quick search on Bible Gateway using the ESV found 29 references to music/musicians/musical and 172 references to singing.  That doesn’t include all the other musical terms and instruments mentioned throughout scripture.  (As a trumpet player I am compelled to point out that trumpets are mentioned 112 times!)

Music speaks to people in a different way and at a different level than words alone.  Here are just a few short examples of both the importance and power of music in the Bible:

  • The prophets often used music to accompany their prophetic words (1 Samuel 10:5; 1 Chronicles 25:1).
  • David could sooth Saul’s troubled spirit with music (1 Samuel 16:23).
  • Over and over in Psalms we are called to make music to God.
  • During David’s reign 4,000 Levites were dedicated to the task of praising God with musical instruments (1 Chronicles 23:5).
  • Elisha would not (could not?) prophesy until the musician began to play (2 King 3:13-15).
  • In one battle, when the people began to praise God in music, then He brought the victory (2 Chronicles 20:21-23).

What is most likely to linger in your mind?  A good speech or a good song?  Certainly there is the rare speech that grabs us, but we remember many more songs than speeches.  Music takes the words and settles them deep in your heart, often touching you in ways words alone never could.

So do not take musical worship lightly.  If you are a musician, do not underestimate the power of music to change lives.

If you are in the congregation, sing with all your heart and open yourself to God’s Spirit.  Allow Him to touch you.  God’s word for you today might be in the songs.

If you are the speaking pastor, realize that God is speaking throughout the service, not just in the sermon.  The singers in the Old Testament were considered prophets (1 Chronicles 25:1) and a Spirit filled time of worship will only make people more receptive to the Holy Spirit as you speak.

Question:  How have you seen music change lives?  Please leave a comment.

by Jerry Wyrick, President of Worship Arts Conservatory

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  1. Back when I first was teaching in a small Christian school 25 years ago in Sterling Hgts. I heard the testimony of a young 8 year old student. His name was David, and his mom was playing “Rise Again” by Dallas Holm. As David was listening to it too and heard the gospel in song, he began sobbing. When his mom asked him why he was crying he said he knew his own sin had put Jesus on the cross”Go ahead, drive the nails in my hands, let them bleed, where you stand…” David right then and there begged his mom to pray with him…and she led him to the Lord! I have lost track of him over the years, but I know that song was THE reason why he was moved to become a Christian!

  2. One more story…the night I was awoken by a phone call in the middle of the nght telling me my Dad has just died, I instantly felt like I was being sucked into a massive hole of fear and dread. I was no longer safe. All I remember was crying out to Jesus and begging Him to help me because my soul felt like it was going to never come out from the intense pain that was pressing in to literally swallow me. Very clearly in the darkness I heard him tell me to turn my tape player on and listen to Steve Green. The tape was filled with worship of our God. His strong affirming voice and words of He Holds the Key and other songs that night brought unbelievable comfort to my heart. I am deeply thankful for how God uses music. He brought safety and comfort to my soul that night. Some years later, I met Steve Green in person and told him how his voice made my world safe again.

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