Meet Our New Partner: Church-ology

We recently partnered with Church-ology to develop a Career training component with the goal of helping our students prepare for finding a job when they graduate. This training will consist of two courses. The first will show students how to prepare an effective portfolio and the second will teach them how to search for and secure a position.

It is important to us that our students not only know their craft but also that they know how to find a career that utilizes their training and skills. Church-ology is going to help us prepare our students for this most important next step.

Church-ology is a company dedicated to helping churches find the right people to fit their staffing needs. They help the church and the prospect ask the tough questions that get past the surface issues of qualifications and move into the truly important subjects of ministry philosophy, doctrine, culture, chemistry and spiritual health. By addressing these issues up front they help churches find staff that is the right fit for their congregation.

We are excited to have added Church-ology to our list of partners.


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