Meet Don Carey – Our Banquet Speaker

Don Carey
Don Carey

Whether you are a football fan or not you don’t want to miss the Keynote speaker for our September 12 Fundraising Banquet. For those football fans out there, Carey is #26 for the Detroit Lions. He is listed as a safety but his primary accomplishments have been on special teams. Don is one of the best gunners in the NFL. His task is to run down the side line and make sure the person returning the kick does not get to the outside and make a long return.

How good is he? In 2015 Don Carey led the NFL in solo special teams tackles. People rarely get past him.

But Don is not only a good football player but he is also a respected leader. In 2016 he was nominated by his team as recipient for Walter Payton award. As I write this post he is asking 100 men to donate $100 to protect women from domestic violence.

In October his new book, “It’s Not Because I’m Better Than You!“, is being released. In this book Don presents the life principles that helped him succeed. But you don’t have to wait until October to get the book. Signed copies will be available at our banquet.

Don Carey
Don Carey

Maybe you are wondering why a football player is the key speaker at a Christian college banquet? Don Carey is also a student of God’s Word. He has started a Masters in Old Testament studies at Moody Theological Seminary in Detroit. Carey is a dynamic speaker and will be presenting a talk on how we can “score” in life.

So whether you like football or simply want to hear a dynamic presentation on how to be successful in life, you will enjoy our Keynote speaker, Don Carey.

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