Organ Pipes

Learn about the Organ for our February 28 Concert

A special thank you to Edibles Rex for their generous sponsorship of our February 28 Concert, Hymns Ancient and Modern.

Featured during much of the concert will be the Crosspointe Church pipe organ.

The organ being featured was built by the Moller Organ company in 1967. Subsequently the Trumpet en Chamade or Horizontal Trumpet was added to the organ in 1980.

The organ has 4 divisions; Great, Swell, Choir and Pedal with a total of 30 ranks or 1830 pipes. The organ is extremely suitable not only for congregational singing but also for most organ repertoire. The organ was built in an American Classic style with right reeds, modestly scaled principals and wider scaled flutes.

To make the instrument more visible, the cloth curtains were recently replaced by a more transparent cloth. The organ remains as in the words of the great composer Mozart, “The King of Instruments.”


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