William Huniss Quote

King of Mercy – William Huniss

KING of mercy, King of love,
In whom I live, in whom I move,
Perfect what Thou hast begun;
Let no night put out this sun.
Grant I may, my chief desire,
Long for Thee, to Thee aspire.
Let my youth, my bloom of days,
Be my comfort and Thy praise;
That hereafter, when I look
O’er the sullied sinful book,
I may find Thy hand therein,
Wiping out my shame and sin.
Oh, it is Thy only art
To reduce a stubborn heart;
And since Thine is victory,
Strongholds should belong to Thee.
Lord, then take it, leave it not
Unto my dispose and lot;
But since I would have it mine,
O my God, let it be Thine.

William Huniss

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