White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

It’s Not Too Late!

Do you remember the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland? Near the beginning of the book Alice sees a white rabbit who says,`Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’ and thus begins her most curious adventure as she follows him down the rabbit hole.

Worship Arts Conservatory Fall courses begin next week, but it is not too late to sign up for classes. Like the White Rabbit, though, you must hurry or you shall be late.

Our most popular courses this term are:

Theology I – Strengthen your understanding of God and the Bible. Learn the foundational beliefs accepted by all Christians.

Worship Theology – Learn about the historical and biblical foundations for Christian Worship. Develop your own philosophy of worship.

Music Theory I – Study the core building blocks of music.

Ear Training I – Learn to sing and hear scales, triads, intervals and common rhythms.

Spiritual Foundations – Develop a deeper and more vibrant personal relationship with God.

Instrumental Ensemble – Play in a chamber ensemble.

Digital Imagery – Learn basic camera techniques and develop an artist’s eye for photography.

Or maybe you are interested in one of these courses:

Introduction to the Visual Arts
Drawing I
New Testament Survey
Bible Study Methods
Introduction to Worship Dance
Ballet I

Apply today and we will make every effort to get your application processed so you can start class next week.


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