Internship Scholarships Available

Free Courses

The word "free" makes me nervous. Nothing is really free, right? I always want to know, "What's the catch?" What do you expect to gain from giving me something "free?"

The catch is that to get the scholarship you must first be in our internship program at a church that offers the scholarship. To receive the scholarship you must serve at the church for 8-10 hours per week and in exchange the church helps cover your tuition at WAC.

Our Internship Scholarships are a perfect way to make your ministry or worship education affordable and practical. Our tuition is already very reasonable at $200 per credit. But to make it better, we offer scholarships so that most students only pay around $70 per credit. As if that is not enough, we have now added our Internship Scholarship.

Join our Internship Program and you can receive up to 7 credits of courses for free.

Start Your Worship or Ministry Career Now

But saving money is not the most important part of our Internship Program.

Through our Internships we combine, in-depth training with hand-on experience. The internship, added to your classroom training, enables you to apply your learning to a real world ministry situation. This hands-on experience will both expand your learning and develop your resume for your future career in ministry. You can start your ministry career right now.

If you are dreaming about a career in ministry then this is your next step. Gain ...

  • Hand-on experience
  • Quality education
  • Resume development, and
  • the joy of knowing you are helping change lives

All of this can start this Winter!

For more information check out our Internship Page.

To apply send a cover letter indicating your interest and skills to:

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