How WAC is Like Chocolate – 7 Reasons

I love chocolate. Chocolate makes me happy. I usually have a bowl of M&Ms in my house so I can have a few when I want a little something sweet. And who doesn’t pick up a few bags of candy after Halloween when it is on sale? Can’t let those sweet little kids eat it all … it’s not healthy for them.

So, how is Worship Arts Conservatory (WAC) like chocolate?

  1. It is sweet to the soul. Chocolate is sweet to eat. It is a wonderfully rich treat. Psalm 119:103 says, “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Learning how to better serve God and know God is even sweeter than chocolate!
  2. It is good for you. Experts say that chocolate (in moderation) is good for your heart. WAC training will help you serve and know God better – which is undeniably good for you. And best of all, you don’t have to do it in moderation!
  3. It improves your mood. Chocolate also boosts your mood. It makes you feel happier. No wonder we want to eat too much of it. WAC training will also improve your mood. Take away the fear of serving God by learning the skills you need. Enjoy learning a subject that you have always wanted to study. Become confident in your ministry by taking a WAC course.
  4. It makes you smarter. Not only is chocolate good for your health and mood, it is also good for your brain functioning. Taking a course at WAC will also improve your understanding of your chosen subject and exercise your brain—keeping it strong and limber.
  5. It is inexpensive. To truly get the benefits of chocolate you need to eat it in moderation, so the cost for the benefits is really very small. WAC cost only $50 per credit so it is also very inexpensive. A three credit course will cost you $150 for 15 weeks of education. That averages out to only $10 per week to get all these wonderful benefits.
  6. It is convenient. Chocolate is so easy to eat and comes in those nice small packages for convenient storage. All of WAC’s courses are offered online. So you can take our classes from anywhere – anytime.
  7. It is just what the doctor ordered. Doctors now say that eating dark chocolate in moderation is a very smart addition to your health plan. Dr. Jerry Wyrick, President of Worship Arts Conservatory, doesn’t know much about medical health, but he does believe that WAC is just what you need to become skilled and trained for serving God.

Don’t wait to get the wonderful benefits of WAC. Go out right now and buy a candy bar… I mean click below to get all these benefits of a Worship Arts Conservatory education.

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