Great News!

New Partnership

Announcing our new partnership with Visible College! We just signed an articulation agreement with Visible Music College which has campuses in Memphis, Chicago, Dallas and Germany.

What does this mean for you?

Because of our partnership with Visible College you can now spend a year or more studying at WAC and then transfer to Visible College and all of your credits can transfer towards an accredited Bachelor of Applied Arts in Music degree. You can major in

  • Instrumental Performance
  • Vocal Performance
  • Worship Leadership
  • Songwriting

Save $10,000 On a Music Degree

Because of our amazing tuition rate, you can start this degree with WAC and save, on average, $10,000 per year over going to another Christian college or university. WOW!

If you are interested in saving $10,000 on a Music Degree please contact us or apply today.

$10,000? Really?

So, where did we come up with this $10,000 number? We took the tuition and room and board from four Christian Colleges that offer Worship Degrees – Cornerstone University, Spring Arbor University, Rochester College and Visible College – averaged the cost of attending there for a year, which came to $28,000. To be as fair as possible we didn’t include room and board for Rochester College since they are within commuting distance for many in Detroit. We then subtracted the average financial aid (not including loans) for a year, which is about $16,000.  Leaving us with an average of $12,000 per year cost. Since WAC only costs $1,300 for a year, you have a savings of $10,700 per year!

Basically, unless a college is offering you a full ride scholarship, including room and board, it will be very hard for them to beat $1,300 per year. So, even if your aid package is better than $16,000, WAC is still going to be a great deal.

With this new partnership we are a legitimate option for anyone seeking a worship or music degree.

For more information please contact us or apply today.


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