Four Reasons to Take a Course

W trimmed

There are many reasons why someone would take a course at Worship Arts Conservatory, but let me suggest the four primary reasons that I have heard:


Worship Arts Conservatory was started to help people prepare themselves for a career on staff at a church. That was our primary purpose and that is what most of our programs of study were developed to accomplish. Why would you study with WAC instead of one of the more recognized colleges? Because we are significantly less expensive, you don’t have to move to take courses from us and our programs of study are designed to prepare you specifically for church ministry.

Volunteer Ministry

Our certificates of study are perfect for those who want to excel at their volunteer ministry but don’t plan on making a career of it. Take your ministry skills to the next level without paying the high costs of a Christian College and do it right from your own home.

Personal Growth

Another great reason to take a course is simply to continue to grow as a person. We have many courses that are perfect for the Christian who wants to grow spiritually or the artist who wants to develop their craft.


Maybe you are looking for a better way to spend your time than watch TV or surfing the internet. Pick a course that looks fun to you and experience the joy of learning.

This Fall we are offering:

  • Spiritual Foundations, 3 credit hours ($150) – learn over 100 ways to deepen your relationship with God.
  • Drawing I ($150) – Strengthen your skills to create on paper what your eye sees.
  • Voice Class ($100) – Learn the skills and techniques to take your singing to the next level.

If this is not right for you, who do you know who would love this course? Share this post so they don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


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