Fall 2019 Classes Start in Two Weeks

Fall 2019 classes start in two weeks on September 3. Have you registered for classes yet?

Fall Classes Begin September 3


Here is a list of courses we are offering in the fall:

  • New Testament Survey
  • Storytelling
  • Music Theory I
  • Ear Training I
  • Guitar Class
  • Piano Class
  • Introduction to Worship Technology

If you are not yet a student, then your next step is to apply. The application process can take some time to process so please apply now!

Current students can simply register through the student portal. If you haven't taken courses in a while, you may have been marked as "inactive". If so, let me know and I can reactivate your account so that you can register.

Jerry Wyrick

Dr. Jerry Wyrick
Worship Arts Conservatory

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