Equip Seminar – Bible Presenter

Equip Seminar on March 2nd

Don't miss our Equip Seminar on March 2nd, 2019,  9:30 am, at Lakeside Community Church.

We will have four different topic areas for our Breakout sessions:

  • Worship
  • Bible
  • Audio
  • Art

Bible Presenter: Dr. Gene Mayhew

Our Bible Presenter will be Dr. Gene Mayhew.

Dr. Mayhew has taught Old Testament & Semitic Languages for 42 years at Detroit Bible College, Alaska Bible College, Michigan Theological Seminary, Evangelical Theological Seminary (India) and Moody Theological Seminary.

He has led over 50 student study tours to Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Greece and has excavated at Tel Qasile, Tel Qumran, the Zion Gate and Temple Mount excavation.

His wife is Mary. He has three daughters Annette, Renae, Marissa and 10 grandchildren.

Gene will be offering these two breakouts:

  • A Song to Sing When You Are Under the PilePsalm 42
  • The Top Archaeological Discovery Since Dead Sea Scrolls

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