Enjoy an Art Course this Summer

Reach for your dream

Reach for your dream

Reach for Your Dream

Have you dreamed of being an artist, but never had the opportunity to pursue that dream. Would you like to develop your artistic side? Do you have a love for art but haven’t had a good chance to develop your skill?


Online Training

Get Ministry Training

Are you are serving in a ministry where some of your tasks involve designing brochures or fliers, or taking pictures, but you don’t have any actual training in this area? Would you like to know how to do your task more effectively?

Worship Arts Conservatory Summer Art Courses

Worship Arts Conservatory summer art courses are the solution. Our courses are affordable and online, so they can easily fit into your schedule.

This summer we are offering two art courses:

Design I

An introduction to the abstract elements of line, texture, shape, space, color, values and patterns. Employ basic media techniques and tools with emphasis on craftsmanship.

Digital Imagery

An introduction to photography. Provides foundational instruction in digital based photographic imagery. Learn to plan and produce digital images that demonstrate an understanding of composition, light, color and visual impact.

Each of these courses includes 12 weeks of instruction for only $150. That is only $12.50 per week for college training in art. And to make it even more convenient, the courses are online so you don’t have to change your schedule to fit them in.

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