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Visible Music College Bachelor Degree in Music

Degree Path

Through our partnership with Visible Music College, we are able to offer a Bachelor of Music Degree path. You can study with Worship Arts Conservatory for up to 2 years (60 credits) and transfer all of those credits directly towards a music degree at Visible Music College.

Many times when you transfer credits from one college to another your credits end up as electives or not transferring to an equivalent course. Because of our articulation agreement we can assure that your credits will be applied directly to equivalent courses.  It is important, though, to check with a student advisor to make sure you are taking courses related to your desired degree at Visible Music College.

Programs of Study

Programs of study that are part of the degree path:

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Save thousands of dollars

Did you know the average student takes out over $4,000 in student loans each year? In fact, the average Class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt. Wow! Because of our current low tuition rate, you can take 24 credits of classes, a year of full time study, for only $1,320!

So instead of taking out student loans and using up your savings to go to college start your music degree with us and avoid the burden of debt. On average that would save you over $18,000 just in loans not to mention your own personal contribution.

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Keep your support system

Why leave your friends and family to go to college? There is certainly value in the on-campus experience, but for many students this is a challenging time full of difficult life changes and challenges. Why not allow your family, church and friends to continue to be a support to you as you adjust to college life?

Continue to Serve In Your Church

At Worship Arts Conservatory we consider ministry to be a priority. Our goal is to train you to be effective in using your gift in ministry. Wouldn’t it be great if you could continue to minister in your current church? Why have to find a new place to minister while at college when you already have a place where you are loved and encouraged?

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Your first step to saving $10,000 or more on college is to apply to study at Worship Arts Conservatory. There is no application fee, so why not get started today?

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