Audio Production Diploma

The Audio Production Diploma is a 68 credit hour program designed to lay a solid foundation for doing audio production.

Career and Ministry Opportunities

  • Church Staff – Sound Engineer
  • Lay Ministry – Sound Engineer

Program Goals

Upon graduation, the student will

  • Have a general knowledge of the Bible and its doctrines.
  • Understand how to develop a growing relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit.
  • Be well rounded in General Studies including Communication, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Culture and Logic
  • Have a basic understanding of sound production and music theory and the knowledge of how to use it in a worship service

It is designed for those seeking part-time employment in church ministry.  Those seeking to enter full-time Christian ministry are encouraged to obtain a 4 year degree in worship. We offer Degree Paths through our growing list of college partners.

General Education – 22 credits hours

Required Technology: TEC-110 Introduction to Worship Technology

Bible Core Classes – 18 credit hours

General Technology - 9 credit hours

TEC-101 Introduction to Electronic Media

3 credit hours

An exploration of the history, structure, function, economics, content and evolution of electronic media and technology, including radio, television, film and the internet.

TEC-120 A/V Technical Production

3 credit hours

An exploration of the basics of Audio/Video Technical production. Learn about system design and the audio and visual support necessary for typical environments.

TEC-290 Technology Practicum

3 credit hours

Apply technology in a real-world setting. Build practical skill and gain experience through work in a professional setting. Church or para-church ministry settings will be given priority.

Audio - 12 credit hours

TEC-210 Audio Production I
3 credit hours Study the fundamentals of audio production both live and studio. Understand signal flow and processing, microphone design and application, studio and live acoustics, and session procedures. Prerequisite: TEC-110.
TEC-350 Live Sound Production

3 credit hours

This course explores the acoustical, musical, and technical aspects of the live performance, in order to learn how to present the best possible sound to the audience. The course emphasizes instrument sounds, microphones, equalization, and dynamics processing. Prerequisite: TEC-300

TEC-300 Audio Production II

3 credit hours

This course is a continuation of Audio Production I, stressing a higher level of technical and aesthetic skills. Instruction in computer, analog and digital audio mixing consoles as it applies to audio, music, radio, and video production.

TEC-310 Production Sound
3 credit hours Assist in sound reinforcement and recording for student and local events. Prerequisite: TEC-210.

Video - 3 credit hours

TEC-230 Film and Video Production I
3 credit hours Study the three phases of video production. Learn the fundamental of video technology and production. Prerequisite: TEC-110.

Music - 4 credit hours

MUS-110 Music Theory I

3 credit hours

Study of simple four part harmony. Learn figured bass, chord symbols, cadences, non-harmonic tones, voice-leading, dominant seventh chords and harmonic progression. Prerequisite: MUS-105 or permission of instructor. To be taken concurrently with MUS-115.

MUS-115 Ear Training I

1 credit hour

Learn to sing and dictate all intervals and scales. Identify major and minor triads. Develop rhythm awareness. To be taken concurrently with MUS-110.