Affordable Private Christian College Education

At Worship Arts Conservatory we have placed a high priority on being affordable. This priority is demonstrated in our low tuition, scholarships, and Internship Program.

Low Tuition

Our tuition is only $200 per credit. The average private Christian college is 3 to 4 times our cost. In spite of our low tuition, our teachers and courses meet the standard requirements for an accredited college.

Why are we so much lower in cost? Because we are unaccredited. What that means for you is that you can get the same quality of education at a fraction of the cost.

If you are looking for a degree, we have partner colleges that will accept our credits in transfer towards a degree. Attend Worship Arts Conservatory and get a private Christian college education at a fraction of the cost.


As if our tuition was not low enough, we have also added some scholarships to the mix. Because of our scholarships most of our students end up paying only around $60-65 per credit. That is less than even the area community colleges. If you are looking for an amazing price for private Christian college education in ministry, then Worship Arts Conservatory is the place for you.

Internship Program

For the student who feels he can contribute 10 hours of work in a local church, we offer our Internship Program. In exchange for serving 10 hours per week in a local church the student receives up to 6 credits of courses for free! Yes, you can get free private college education and ministry experience by joining our Internship Program.

To begin your private Christian college education at a price you can afford click the button below.

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